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This heavy-duty floating mantel bracket is STRONG! It has a 2" tall backplate bracket that is 3/16” inch thick and STRONG. It also has 3/4” diameter rods, which make it perfect to float really thick floating shelves and mantels from 2 1/2” to 3 1/2” thick.


Rated at 80 pounds for each stud they are attached to. For the longer brackets the rating can be up to 400 pounds.


These, like all floating shelf brackets, are best mounted to studs over Sheetrock. They are designed to be able to hit any and every stud that fall behind the bracket.


The 4” rod length is perfect for floating shelf and mantel depths 5”-8”, the 6” rod length is perfect for shelf and mantel depths from 7” to 12” deep, the 9” rod length is great for shelf and mantel depths of 10” to 16”, and the 12” rod is great for shelf and mantel depths of 13 to 20”.

Floating Mantel Bracket - 2" Backplate - For Mantels and Shelves 2 1/2" - 3 1/2"

  • The free drill guide that comes with this and all bracket orders is a single-bore drill guide as can be seen here.

    We also manufacture and sell router templates and drill guides to make your floating shelf mount completely flush to your wall. Check them out here.

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