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Use our heavy duty and built-to-last steel Floating Shelf Drilling Plates to drill perfectly straight and spaced holes in your floating shelf. Simply screw them to the back of your shelf and the bushings will guide the bit to make perfectly spaced and straight holes. These are a great addition to a professional cabinet shop or the individual.


Drill bit not included with guide but available separately on our site here, or you can purchase the full prep kit that includes router template, drilling template, and both bits here.



Floating Shelf Drilling Plates

$64.00 Regular Price
$48.00Sale Price
  • In stock and ready to ship.

    We have sold several of these to local cabinet shops and are getting great feedback.

    These come in 9/16 bushings for brackets with 1/2 inch rods or 13/16 bushings for brackets with 3/4 rods. 

    Note: The 46” drill guide works perfectly with both the 40” and 46” brackets.

  • Most of our brackets come with standard 12" center to center rod spacing. However our 10" brackets have 6" rod spacing and our 22" brackets have 18" rod spacing. Our multi drilling plates come with an extra bushing that allows you to use your tooling kit for multiple sizes, including those with different rod spacing.

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